Friday, August 26, 2011

Blog Assignment #1

My name is Cassie Giles. I am writing this blog for my EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. I am a transfer student so this is my first semester at USA. I am majoring in elementary education. Formerly I attended Faulkner State Community College and Bishop State Community College. My college journey began after high school but was put on hold for a while when I started my family. I have been married to my husband Jeremy for ten years and we have two awesome children together. Gavin is seven years old and in the second grade. Gracie is six years old and in the first grade. My kids are my life!!  I have lived in Citronelle Alabama all my life and enjoy raising my children in a small town. 
     My extra curricular activities presently include any activity that my kids are involved in. My son loves playing football and baseball and my daughter loves cheering, dance, and gymnastics. I enjoy being a mom and a wife that is involved in my families life. We are huge Alabama football fans. ROLL TIDE!! We enjoying going to the games and just doing anything together as a family. I love watching my kids experience life and I try to give them as many opportunities that I possibly can to try new things. We are also very involved in our church and make God a priority in our home and our personal lives. I try to make my life as simple as possible love God first and love other people more than I love myself.
    I am very passionate about teaching and imparting into children's lives. In my opinion their are too many educators just wanting a pay check and the summers off instead of having a desire to really teach kids. I hope that in the future I can make a difference in children's lives. I hope to be a light to kids who may be in darkness and be sensitive to needs that are around me in the classroom. 
Randy Pausch Time Management
 The video was helpful to me in many ways. He explained the importance of planning and the different levels and steps to take when making plans. It was also reassuring to know it was okay to change your plans but you must have a plan to change. The questions he suggested that you ask yourself about things you spend your time doing challenged me to take a closer look at my daily schedule and the things that were most important. When you ask yourself "Why am I doing this?" and "What is the purpose of this in my life?" when you answer those questions for yourself it makes a difference in what you focus your time on.
Randy Pausch was a researcher and computer scientist but most of all a dreamer. He died in 2008 with pancreatic cancer. Before he died he gave valuable lessons that people today are still taking to heart.
Penn State Time Management Lessons
What I came away with after reading this information and doing the exercises is that I need to be more specific when planning and monitoring my time on a daily basis. I was shocked when I filled out the chart and saw how many hours I should have for studying a week. It left me wondering where all that time goes in a week. It has made me more conscious of what I put my time and efforts to.


  1. Love your views on teaching, I also share the same ideas and enjoy some of the same activities.
    I also found Dr. Pausch's video very helpful, it makes you realize what is important.