Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blog Assignment #2


Did You Know? 3.0, Carl Fisch & Scott McLeod, Did You Know 3.0

This video gave staggering information about technology and its effects on societies and people all over the world. I was shocked to see that the U.S. was #19 on the ranked list of broadband internet penetration. There was a lot of interesting information like the total number of text message sent and received everyday exceeds the population of the planet. WOW, I just hope people aren't driving while sending these. There are over 31 billion searches on google every month and in 2006 it was only 2.7 billion. What a difference 5 years can make in the technology scope of things. It spoke of students pursuing a 4 year technology degree, and because of the technical information doubling every 2 yrs the information learned in their first year would already be outdated before they could earn their degree.
Although all the information was very interesting I would have to say the information about the super computer being built by 2013 that will exceed the computation of the human brain really shook me. Then in the next frame the prediction of the computer that that will exceed the computational capabilities of the entire human species. I cant fathom it my grandparents were alive when you walked to school and it wasn't because they were going green it was there only mode of transport because there daddy had the horse. They are still alive and what do they think of our world today? Is it really a good thing that technology will exceed all human capabilities,I don't really know the answer to that.
Mr.Winkle Wakes, Matthew Needelman, Mr. Winkle Wakes
This video was an interesting look at how people and our surrounding change in a 100 year period. Mr. Winkle saw and heard things that were different and new to him. How things around us change even more so now than before with our technology.
The disheartening thing for me was Mr. Winkle feeling comfortable in the school. He saw familiar things. The methods of teaching had not changed. This tells me that our educators need to be taught and trained in technology more. They are teaching our children our future how to ultimately be successful in life. Without knowledge of our technologically increasing world reaching that goal may be only a dream. Maybe some explanation for this would be some educators are reluctant to try something new. Never stop learning should be what we live to do. We are always learning new things so they can learn new thing. We cant let fear can keep us from advancement.
Importance of Creativity , Sir Ken Robinson, The Importance Of Creativity
I loved this guy. His speech was humorous and informative. I love someone who can laugh at their own jokes, and this guy cracked himself up. The speech made me think about creativity on a whole new level. The story of the choreographer who was labeled by the school as having a learning disability but when put in the right setting flourished was thought provoking. I started thinking a whole generation of children has been medicated rather than evaluated.
I agree with Sir Robinson when he said all kids have tremendous talent and they are not afraid to be wrong. The educational system is telling them a mistake is the worse thing you can do. We live and learn. Mistakes are apart of finding your way in life, some mistakes turn out to be blessings. I think we all make mistakes and maybe one big one is how our educational system defines academic ability to equal intelligence. There are all kinds of ways to express intelligence book smarts is just one of many. I think an interesting study would be to take one classroom full of students and really evaluate each child. Find out what works for them and try to accommodate those needs. I am sure that class would thrive. With the way school is set up now there is no time even in elementary grades to incorporate creative activity. All the time is focused on academics.Creativity is a big part of our lives. He said imagination was a gift. Maybe we should reopen that gift and rediscover that fearless child within.
Cecelia Gault Interviews Sir Ken Robinson, Recommended by Laura Scott, ,Laura's Blog Post, Scholastic Article
I thought the young girls interview with Sir Robinson was interesting and thought provoking. When asked about what needed to change in education I was glad to hear him say there needed to be a stronger link between school and community. I certainly think that community could help to enhance children's creative abilities even if the school never steps up in these areas. Examples of what I mean would be things such as community theater or free art or dance classes. Recreation centers that are available to kids of all ages with more than just sports offered. As he broke down myths of creativity I found myself breaking down stereotypes that were in my mind about only a select few having creative talents and abilities.
I think we were all created with wonderful creative abilities, attributes and talents. What we do with those things is completely up to us.
Harness Your Students Digital Smarts, Vicki Davis, Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
I thought it was great to see a teacher who was willing to put herself out there to teach students thins she was not even totally sure how to do. That shows a vulnerable side to a teacher that students aren't allowed to see always, but sometimes need to see. I think it proves that we are all lifelong learners and technology is ever changing so we couldn't possibly know everything about it.Her students are having opportunities to experience and learn new things with people all over the world. It helps for a small town like she lives in to see a broader scope of the world and gives students a look at endless possibilities to life. Technology empowers them to think outside the box and experience life in a new way.

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  1. Hello Cassie!

    I thought your reactions and comments about the prompts were well conceived, but I kept getting distracted by the small spelling and grammar errors that persisted throughout. I don't know if you were in a hurry to type this up, but it doesn't hurt to read what you've written out loud to determine if it's correct. You also need to have a picture for this blog, and include the alt and title tags that must go with each picture. This is easy to fix, and if you need help figuring out how to add pictures, we can help. Also, the Facebook page has a document or two that can be beneficial.

    I'm glad to note that you learned some interesting things from this assignment, and that your preconceived ideas about creativity were altered. Everyone is creative, but it's up to us to allow ourselves and others the opportunities to use it.