Monday, September 26, 2011

C4K Summary


I really enjoyed reading all or the post from the kids. I found it interesting that these other countries are so far ahead of the USA in technology in the classroom. Especially for the elementary aged kids. My first assignment was Pt England School Tuitalau Their school had won first place in rugby in the 2011 Aims Games.They were very excited and had put together some clips of highlights from the week. I posted to them that I had a seven year old son that played football and baseball and loved all sports. I told them I was sure that if rugby was available at his school he would love it. I bragged on their sports and their blogs. I wanted to encourage them to keep on with learning technology and they would be very successful.
My next assignment was Point England School in Auckland, New Zealand Marven His post was also about sports. He blogged about a new game he and his classmates had learned called Aussie Rules. Differing from net ball by instead of passing you hit the ball when it comes to you. He was excited about the new game and even went as far to say it was the best day ever the day he learned to play. I also told him of my son and his love for sports. I also told him how proud and thankful he should feel to have the school and teachers that are giving them a gift of understanding technology in a deeper way than most children have the opportunity to do in school. I bragged on their efforts and encouraged them to keep on pursuing their dreams.

Next was Mariana from Cali Columbia. She was a part of the Student Blogging Challenge. The challenge is to get students to blog and have a worldwide audience instead of just their teacher and classmates. It is comprised of ten weekly task designed to help students with blogging and commenting while connecting to a worldwide audience. Kind of reminds me of a mini version of edm310. I was impressed with Mariana and her creation of an Avatar figure that represented herself and also a Voki. She designed her blog really cute and seemed to really enjoy being challenged and learning new things about technology. The whole thing was very impressive. I looked around the site and viewed some of the challenges from previous times and also all the kids registered for this one from all over the world. AMAZING!! It puts in to perspective just what opportunities are available to our students if we would only open the door.

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  1. You appear to have provided some quality comments to the students you were assigned. That's good. You just need to work on proof-reading your posts. There were a lot of small mistakes. Otherwise, it's a good post.