Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blog Post #4

I checked out all the websites listed and found a lot of helpful information. The following is a summary on the three that I found most interesting and helpful for my future podcast assignment.
Eagles Nest Radio and Class Blog

This was great, I was amazed at these third graders and their ability to broadcast the way they did. There were a few that have a good radio or television voice. They could really have a future in broadcasting. They basically summarized times, important people and events of ancient Rome.
I loved the way they tied it all together and threw a little humor in here and there to keep you wanting to listen. I learned a lot from listening. This was the first podcast I had ever listened to and I liked how they changed the music and the emotion in their voices to go along with what was being said. That could be something I would incorporate into my own podcast.
The Benefits of Podcasting in the classroom
Joe Dale

He basically summarized some benefits of podcasting in the classroom. Some of the benefits for students were that if they are absent they could still get their assignments or hear a lecture they may have missed that day. Also it gives the students a chance to explore their own creative ability, and a higher order of thinking. They have the chance to role play and make the characters they are portraying more interesting. The opportunity to learn how to do these podcast are also beneficial to the student the ability to process, create and upload audio files is part of what they learn to do. The advantages for parents are that they are able to monitor what their child is doing at school by hearing or seeing the information. The benefits for the teacher would be that it is an effective way to communicate with students outside of the classroom. It allows teachers to use a form of learning that is familiar to the student. At the end he listed a helpful link to How to Podcast This will be helpful to me in my own podcast not only by using his helpful material but also by accessing the links he provided to help better understand the process of creating a podcast.
The Educational Podcast Network
This website was informative and easy to follow. It basically walks you through the steps to creating your podcast. It had easily accessible tabs labeled "What is a Podcast?" and “How Do I?" I enjoyed listening to the class podcast. I especially enjoyed the elementary school age kid’s ones. It is so amazing how kids soak up information and knowledge and apply it. They have no fear of failure they just jump right in. I LOVE IT!!! I also loved the slogan posted on the website "We are a multicast society of speakers and listeners, listeners and speakers, teaching and learning, in a life and a time of change." So true we must realize there will be opportunity to speak and to listen to teach and to learn. I think we must be sensitive to this time we live in so that we may never miss an opportunity to do any of these things.

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  1. Well, their voices will change!

    Well done. Your comments indicate these assignments helped prepare you for your podcast.