Tuesday, November 1, 2011

C4K Summary 2

My first blog was randomly selected by the fruit machine and it was Abby's Blog about her 6th grade science class. I commented on her experiment blog. She and her lab partners were using a water bottle filled with vinegar and baking soda and a balloon. When you fill the bottle half way with vinegar and out baking soda in the balloon and cover the top of the bottle with the balloon it should blow the balloon up. I commented and told her I would be checking back to see how the experiment worked. My second blog was the assigned one and it was Peyton's Blog about why smoking is bad for you. He told about smoking being the single most preventable cause of cancer. He also told of other complications and how long some would have to wait for lung transplants. I think it is wonderful that these kids are getting this experience so young.
My second blog was Haliey's Blog. SHe was writing a descriptive story about playing soccer. I thought she did a great job of making her audience feels like they were there with her feeling the breeze and the anticipation in the air.

My third kid was Kyan from Rm9 Miss Priscilla Lavakula's year three class. I commented on his animation of the Australian Outback. I thought he did a really good job. He used a variety of animals found in the out back and made them move across the screen at different times to music. If I were not in this class, and did not know how difficult that could potentially be especially for a child I may would not have the same opinion. But I am in this class and I realize that it takes time and effort to make even the simplest of animations.

The last week I had Spencer111. His blog was Research Conundrum: Bias Mike Gwaltney's History class in Portland,Oregon. He talked about how there can be different views on the same information. How the author of articles biased opinions could sway how the article is written and how you as a reader perceives the information. He also had good illustrations and sources that talked about subtle ways the biased opinions are pushed. I thought he did an excellent job on the post and encouraged him to keep up the great work. These kids have amazed me at how much they know about technology and how willing they are to use it if someone gives them the chance.

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