Monday, November 7, 2011

C4T Summary #4

The first blog I read was Basemaps for Garmin GPS by Jen Deyenberg.She talked about students using maps and getting out and exploring the outside. The maps she has located gave her students opportunity to add their own personal community or class trips to them. I liked her emphasis on her student outside exploring and mapping. I think this is an important part of education exploration. Kids need to explore and discover, and then they have the opportunity using technology to look at it on a broad mapping view and add their personal touches to it.


I had the same teacher for this post. She talked about teaching the kids about World War II and how they came up with a kind of game to play to help them learn and work together.It was geocaching activity used to teach and review things about the war.There were six themes and at each cache there were right and wrong answers. Students had to come together to decide which were right and which were wrong.

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