Thursday, November 17, 2011

Additional Post #1

Metaphors!!! I like them, in this case I guess I missed it because I was'nt looking for it. Actually the I did parallel the pencils with computers in my head but I did not write it on my post. I thought about it but then I second guessed myself and thought I was trying to overthink the assignment. I thought he could have been writing about something in the past. Anyway I missed it and next time I think I will go with my first instinct. I guess in response to why did the class miss the metaphor maybe some of them were like me not really looking for it, having their mind on something else and not fully comprehending or thinking about what they were reading.
A definition of a metaphor is a word or phrase usally meaning one thing used to mean something different. One thing representing another.
In response to Jennifer's question "Why not put it into words we all understand?" I would have to say because metaphors add interest to what we are saying. They also add to our lives and conversations.
Metaphors I have encountered since the assignment:
-time is a theief
-solid as a rock
-sweet as pie
-a new lease on life
-kindred spirit
-a walk in the clouds
-between the lines
- a turning point
- dance in the rain
-shades of grey
- in a fog
-America the melting pot
-dead tired
I think one way we can help our students identify metaphors is to expose them to literature that has metaphors and explain after reading what they are and how they are used. Also I think it is good for them to know sometimes they won't make sense to us. That sometimes we use them for things that have no common ground.We must also be sure to point out the diffrences in metaphors and similes. Similes are usally comparing something where metaphors state that something is another thing. Using music or visual aids may also be helpful when teaching students about metaphors. We use metaphors all of the time in our daily language, music, and literature. I think they are useful and make life and conversations interesting for all of us.

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