Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy's Class of First Graders
I will have to be honest I was really amazed at these first graders. I am the mother of a first grader who goes to a Mobile County Public School and I have been shocked since I have begun this class to see how far behind our schools are in technology in comparison with other kids around the world. I guess it makes me even more determined to incorporate technology in my own classroom and with my children at home. I see how important being technologically literate is for students in today's world. I want my own children and all the students that I teach to have the best possible opportunity in life. Their little blog post were awesome. I would love to be able to get online and read the blog of my first grader that day. I have to wait until she fills up a journal notebook and it gets sent home to read anything from the year or see her feelings that day drawn out in a picture. I think it gives parents greater access to help their child. Even on a daily basis their feelings can be displayed and understood that day instead of two months later when you cant even remember what was going on at that time. I love it, as a parent and also as a future educator. Why do you think some kids and classrooms are on the ball while others have no desire or lag behind? My thoughts are that teaching kids about technology takes effort and dedication that some teachers don't have or want. I know the day is full I have observed this in my field experience, but I also think time is waste in some areas that could be put to good use and favorable for the students and their future. As you may have gathered by now I really enjoyed the video and I think kids are highly underestimated by adults.

Mr. Cassidy Skype Conversation

The conversation was very interesting and I agreed with a lot of her points of view. She told how she started 10 years ago when she was given 5 computers for her classroom. She made that a center for her students and used the internet to engage them in many new activities. It took effort on her part and she continues today with her students blogging and making web pages. I thought her fearless personality was awesome and I found it interesting when she talked about a lot of the administration did not encourage or discourage they just simply were not interested in technology. That is where I think a huge portion of the problem lies. Some educators are not self motivated to do as Ms.Cassidy has done and their is no push from administration to incorporate technology. She spoke of protecting the children and the waivers that she gives at the start of the year which is something I had not thought of but am now aware I should do for my own class. She told how both parents and students loved the blogs and how it also served as a online portfolio for the student. We as educators should take her advice and know that the world is ever changing and kids don't learn the way they did years ago. I like the phrase she used that the students don't have to "power down" when coming to school. They get so much stimulation technology wise outside of school and then we expect them to come in and be excited about learning with just books and pencil and paper. Their little minds aren't there anymore they are beyond that. We can not hold most of their attention anymore with our old ways. I thought her interview was insightful and thought provoking for myself and the future of my classroom success.


  1. Cassie,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post this week. I always find out new things and ideas by reading my classmates blogs. I agree with you by watching "Ms. Cassidy's Class of First Graders" I realized just behind our schools are. Some of the things that her first graders are doing I have only done a few times and I'm in college.

    I guess since I do not have children I have never really thought about it from your point of view. I like your idea and the kids blogs and about how parents can see their work the same day. I think that is a great idea. You did a great job on this post. Remember to proofread! Keep up the good work.

  2. It's neat that you can compare what you're learning at South to your daughter's teachers, classes, etc. Well done on the post!