Sunday, October 9, 2011

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Randy Pausch Last Lecture
I have to start by saying WOW!!! This was a very inspiring video. It was very emotional for me. In my opinion any speaker that can evoke emotion, good or bad, at least has the attention of the audience. I definietly think Mr. Pausch had full attention.
This whole lecture was enlightening and full of wonderful life lessons. The main thing that I came away with was his passion for teaching,learning,and having fun while doing both of these things.
He talked about childhood dreams and achieving all of his but he also gave the same significance to him helping others achieve their dreams. His selfless nature is rare in our society. The desire to see others succeed and achieve more than yourself is not something you see most people wanting.Most are on their way to the top and don't care how they have to get there and who they have to step on in the process. So it was a breath of fresh air to know there are still some good souls in our world today who care about others.
Mr. Pausch gave a lot to the world of technology with his work in virtual reality that extended beyond just his classroom. Though he did that I think he gave the most to the people who had the privilege of knowing him.I thought it was phenomenal how he was able to achieve his childhood dreams in some shape or form. It makes you evaluate some of those dreams that you had let go of and just shrugged off as kid stuff or unattainable. It also made me more aware of my children and what their dreams are. I vow not to dismiss their dreams as just talk but to encourage them and help make those things happen for them. I don't want to stop there but for my future students to encourage them to dream and dream big. To help them in the avenues that I have access to and forge paths that I don't. I came away with a sense that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard enough.
"Don't compain just work harder." Randy Pausch
The whole speech was basically telling us it not all about the dreams it is about how we live our life. He also made it clear at the end that he did that for his children. I am sure that his children watch that proudly and see what a wonderful example their father was and how his legacy will live on through them. I believe the standing ovation at the end speaks for it's self that he was well loved and respected as an educator,colleague,and friend. When you come away from anything wanting to be better I think the speaker or teacher has done their job.
"When you do the right thing, good stuff has a way of happening".Randy Pausch

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  1. Hello Cassie!

    You did a great job of taking what you heard in Dr. Pausch's lecture and applying it to life. I bemoan the growing selfishness of the world almost every day, and I can't help but wish, like you did, that people could be more like Dr. Pausch in that respect. And anything is possible if you only believe and apply yourself to seeing it happen. You won't get anywhere with complaining, because the time you spend whining is time that you could have spent coming up with a plan or taking action. RIP Dr. Pausch.

    The only thing I feel like I need to caution you about is remembering to space properly between sentences. I think that maybe you're just in a hurry to write your post, but there are a lot of smooshed sentences up there. If you type your posts in Word Doc, it will automatically point those out and in some cases correct them for you.