Tuesday, October 25, 2011

C4T Summary # 3

My teacher was Jabiz Raisdana and the blog I commented on was the Conduit to Reality I really loved this one he had so much insight and I loved that he was vulnerable enough to ask for comments and replied to all of them. Basically he wanted to know from people who to find the balance between technology and nature, and why some people feel we should choose one over the other. He had some good points about needing both and how important it was for students to experience life outside the walls of a classroom and out from behind a computer screen. I agreed with him on many of the points he made and I thought his blog was helpful to me. It helped me to think about that balance and how to help my students achieve this in their lives in this ever changing world that we live in. Yes we need technology it is a vital part of our world today, but nature and our out of the box experiences in this world are also priceless and needed to be well rounded and well adjusted.
His second post that I commented on was Ban Clipart. I guess I had never really thought about this issue but he made a good point. He said in the post that digital pictures were much better than clip art when trying to engage your audience. He gave an example and I agree with him. His opinion was that clip art should be banned from the classroom.


These were the examples he gave. What's your opinion??

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  1. The suggestion to ban clip art is so interesting to me. I never once thought about the difference between clip art and a real picture. Real pictures are much more descriptive, and obviously more realistic, but some clip art images are so cute!