Friday, October 7, 2011

C4T Summary #2

Blogging: 6 Reasons It's Not Just For Adults
In this post he makes the argument that if blogging has been beneficial for him as an educator it could also be beneficial to students. He highlights 6 reason that blogging is not just for adults.The first he mentions is thinking aloud. I think this is just kind of taking your thoughts and putting them down in sentence form. All of the thoughts and ideas floating around in your head can be expressed. Reflection is a big part I think of the blogging experience. It gives students a time to think about and summarize maybe what they have learned or witnessed. Inquiry was next which has been very interesting. It is funny when your words start coming and your thoughts come together how many new questions you pose for yourself and others to ponder and research.
Being able to share blogs with a global audience is a huge part of the experience for students.For a student to be able to communicate closely with others from all over the world and have their feedback and input into their work and lives is amazing. Which brings us to his next point feedback is important. The advice we can get to help us along whatever path we may be on. Last but not least the pursuit of passion. Everyone needs something they are passionate about. Something that drives them on the inside. This allows an avenue to connect with those who may share that same passion and drive. Years ago that would have never been an option for students.What an awesome responsibility we have as educators to share this knowledge with our students to open up this new and exciting world for students of all ages.

His second blog that I had to comment on was Have High Expectations? Provide High Support.
In this blog he encouraged teachers to have high expectations of their students but follow it up by giving them the support they need to meet those expectations. To do this we have to really get involved in the children's lives. He encourages to get to know students on an individual basis. You never know what a caring word or deed can do for some of these kids that have no support system at home. A lot of students get mixed up in a bad crowd just looking for acceptance. I think we as educators can help fill this void by being available in every way to kids that are in need. Be a mentor set obtainable goals and keep moving standards higher. Coach them in the way to make success a possibility. Do whatever it takes to ensure the success of our students.

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  1. Sounds like your assigned teacher had some interesting things to say. Nice post. I love the picture.