Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blog Post #9

What I've Learned this Year 2008-2009
The first post I chose to read was Mr.Mclung's first year of teaching post from 2009. I decided on this one because I will be that first year teacher hopefully in a few years and I found his post very helpful for a new teacher.In the beginning of the post he says that he made a decision to stay positive. I feel like this is an important factor to anything we endeavor to do in life we should always try and stay positive no matter what the situation. A good attitude goes a long way.
He made several points in his post and here is my attempt to summarize them.
The first was How to Read the Crowd. He felt that educators should make lesson more student centered. Read the crowd and be sure the students are understanding what is being taught.
Be Flexible
Don't beat yourself up when things don't always turn out like you think they should. Always be positive and try and make the best of the situation. Use it as a learning experience for both you and the student. Take away something that can help you in your future endeavors.
Be sure to form good healthy relationships with your colleagues and your students. Both are important for maintaining a good work environment.
Be Reasonable
Don't set expectations and standard so high that they are unreachable for students. Failure is part of the learning process. When kids mess up encourage them to keep trying.
Don't Be Afraid of Technology
I am sure that this was Dr. Strange favorite part of the blog. He write how we as classroom teachers should not be afraid to embrace technology. He encourages us not to be discouraged when we don't understand it all at the beginning, but don't give up.
Listen to Your Students
For some students we may be the only one they can talk to that truly is listening. Children's home lives sometimes are not always the best of situations. Be sensitive to the needs of your students. Be concerned with getting to know your students on a more personal level.
Never Stop Learning
This was personally my favorite part of the blog. I feel like all of his points were important but unless we are willing to learn and be open to new experiences all of the other usually won't work out. We really can't expect our students to want to learn unless we are going to show our vulnerability and willingness to learn ourselves.
What I've Learned 2009-2010
He talked about how that year had been a year of first for him and how he had to be willing to make it work by adapting. He had to be willing to step out of his comfort zone and adapt his teaching styles to fit more independent Jr. high students. Sometimes it doesn't come easy but you have to make an effort to make the learning experience more than just survival mode.

Be more relaxed with planning. Let students think for themselves. Leave your own personal opinions and feelings outside of the classroom. Encourage students to use their minds, think and search answers. It does not always have to be the quote "right answer".
Find Your School Mom
I thought this was funny, but I can see where it would be very helpful for a first year teacher to have someone who is looking out for their best interest. You need someone who has been there in that environment for a while that can help to teach you the dynamics of that school. This person would be the one to go to with questions and concerns. Someone who is on your side. Treat them good and they will do the same for you.
Check Your Ego At The Door
Sometimes we have to let students see us in a more down to earth way. We may have to act out of character sometimes to keep kids attention or focus on the subject. Even if we feel stupid sometimes it is all worth it for kids to remember what we are teaching.
Don't Be A Control Freak
Don't try to control every little detail in the classroom. Give students some freedom. Trust students to perform some of the classroom task on their own. Although we should maintain a certain amount of control, trusting students helps them to become more independent learners.
Scope & Sequence
Make sure to keep a balance when teaching all subject matters. No matter what your personal preferences all subjects should be given the proper amount of time so that when being assessed students will have adequately been taught the material.
Dont Lose Sight of What is Important
Though he encountered adversity with administration he kept his students and his performance in the classroom his focus. Adversity makes it easy for us to sometimes get off track, b ut in this profession the students would be the ones to suffer.
It is What You Learn After You Know it All That Really Matters
Don't ever get to comfortable in your profession. Always be willing to listen to the advice of others who are more experienced than you. Constructive criticisms should make us better not bitter. We always have room for improvement. If you think you have arrived you may need to recheck your location. Sources:(Mr.Mclung)


  1. Cassie, the post you created was one of quality. I chose the same two as you, however, I enjoyed reading yours a little bit more. I would argue that finding the Room Mom would be one of the best things to make sure you acomplish first :).

    Keith Tardibuono

  2. Excellent job, Cassie. Your post is extremely thorough and enjoyable to read.

  3. Cassie,
    Your post was very thoughtful. Staying positive is truly important in all areas of life. Keep up the good work!