Friday, October 14, 2011

Blog Post #8

This is How We Dream Part 1 Richard E Miller
This was an interesting video series. I really thought about the question you wanted us to ask ourselves. I had to go back and watch the videos a few more times trying to really understand the message. The question was "Are you prepared to write with multimedia?" When I began to think of the word writing I was not sure of all that entailed. So I looked it up and the definition said Writing- that which is written characteristics of matter written with a pen or the like.That lead me to the definition of Write which is to trace or form (characteristics letters words) on the surface of some materials as with a pen, pencil or other instrument or means. So there I was back to the question and back to the dictionary to look up Multimedia which is defined combined media such as sound full motion video in computer applications. So with my curiosity hightened and a real desire to understand I kept on looking for more Then I came across this interesting you tube video.
After watching this it came together in my head(sometimes it takes me a while and a lot of research before things come together). It helps people see the world in different ways. When you think about the opportunities this opens up it is amazing and wonderful. Sometimes it is writing without words. I never thought this was really possible but now I get it. Pictures and sound can write a story too!! WOW I love when I have a revelation. Even on simple things in life. That's one thing that makes life worth living "discovery". So in response to the first question I would have to honestly answer no, I am not fully ready or prepared to write with multimedia but I am a lot more knowledgeable about it today than I was yesterday. That makes me happy :) I feel like I have something to give my students, something that will open up a world of endless opportunity for them. So that leads me to your next question "Will your students be able to do this?" I think they will. I think kids are eager to learn and love being engaged in technology. Multimedia writing is fun to them. Paper and pencil is boring in their eyes.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn
I enjoyed this video. I thought it was interesting to see and hear these educators as they expressed their opinions on change. I am a people reader. I usually read people pretty well so when I am just listening I would rather watch so I can read your body language and expressions. I truly felt like most of the people on the video were passionate and dedicated to thee cause of change in learning. The quote from one of the people on the video was it was an exciting time
the death of education and the dawn of learning

Are we willing to work for change? Or is it just too hard?

Blog Post #12 Carley Pugh
I loved her playlist idea, it was really great. I actually watched and enjoyed them all. I especially loved "When I Grow Up" it was awesome. I don't want to miss God's direction that's for sure. They all make you think and everyone started the same way I am sure that no one aspires as a child to be bad things. We all make choices. We all may be thinking how does this tie in to our class but it is just what we are here to do. For those kids who are heading down the wrong path we can give them tools to open up their worlds. They can see that anyone can have opportunity in our world. Mostly all you have to do is be willing to learn and eager to succeed. I loved her idea of her students rewriting the ending of a famous story or novel. GREAT!! I would love to read these. I hope she does this and publishes a book of her students work. Wouldn't that be awesome!! I will be on the lookout for this in the future. She is on the right road for multimedia writing I think Dr. Miller would be proud of her efforts and ideas. It's amazing what a lazy day in pajamas and wheaties will do for you. She saved the best for last with the 6 Questions For Everyday I think everyone should watch this video and take it to heart. If we all lived our lives asking these questions our world would be a better place. In the words of Carly
good teachers teach by example. Thanks Carly Pugh, great insight for all who aspire to be a good teacher.

The Chipper Series
This was a great example of how most students view their learning experience and life. Thankfully I have experienced a little of the real world before returning to school to pursue my degree, but I was the same way and to some extent I guess it brought to light some things that I still may have thought when we first started the class. I love how chipper always had these big plans but was never willing to give the time nor effort to succeed. I never thought about it in the way of teach me so I don't have to learn. I use to think it was teach me so I can learn until this class. I can honestly say that offended me when we started until I really thought about my years of education and how I so called "learned". I realized you were right that is what we want to shove it in and regurgitate it back on a test and forget it. But when you are a part of the learning process it becomes a part of you and not easily forgotten. You know that we need the knowledge poured in because we are empty with nothing to give right? This is the wrong approach. Students have life experience and personality and knowledge to contribute to the classroom and learning.


  1. Very good job! Did you watch EDM 310 for Dummies?

  2. I did and I just realized from your comment that I forgot to add it to my blog. Is it okay to add it now?

  3. Hey Cassie,
    I really liked how you looked up the definition of those words to get a better understanding of them in your blogpost. I think that taking the time to really understand what multimedia is will help us to be able to use it more effectively. I thought you did a great job this week!

  4. Thank you Kristie, I needed that encouragement :)